Dear Friends,

December 22nd, under the Cancer full moon, at 9:49 pm, our beloved Johanna passed. She has been saying for months that she wanted to live, filled with love and light for as long as she could and then, at the end, burst into a million pieces of starlight. And that is where we will look for her - in the heavens, the newest celestial body. We will miss her sweet smile, her amazing cooking, her beautiful art, her helpful interpretation of astrological events - both personal and global and so much more. Your messages of love and inspiration meant more to her than you will know and lifted her up during this very challenging time. Light a candle and remember the many ways Johanna touched your life. She was a shining example of generosity and openhearted kindness. What would honor her life the most is to be kind - to your neighbor, the waitstaff, the receptionist, the grocery clerk, and to each other. We believe that how we live is how we die. Johanna lived with wide open courage, and she died with the same ferocity. She leaves behind a tremendous legacy of intentional community. It is hard to imagine a world without her; and at the same time, we will carry her with us always.

The Celebration of Life for Johanna Mitchell will be held Sunday, February 3rd at 2pm at the John G. Shedd Institute in Eugene. Address: 868 High St, Eugene, OR 97401. Light refreshments and sharing will follow the event. Please bring a single flower that will used during the service.


    The family of

A message from Johanna for her clients:

Alecs Garrett has agreed to provide astrological readings for you.

>Alecs is a seasoned astrologer who practiced in Eugene, Oregon for many years and currently resides in Bend, Oregon. I take your needs very seriously and have full confidence that Alecs will be a good fit for your readings on my behalf during this time. Alecs is available for readings over the phone, Skype, or in person in Bend. Her email address is Her phone number is 541-953-8435.