Dear Friends,


                                        With sadness I have closed my astrology practice. No appointments are available at this time.


                                    I have been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)  a complicated medical condition that has impacted

                                    my physical mobility, though thankfully, not my cognition or insight. 


                                        If you would like to receive updates you can register with Meal Train Plus


                                        For donations to help retrofit my home so I can remain here as this disease progresses go to:




                                        Thank you so very much for your patience and support. May we all meet the challenges of these times with

                                    loving compassion, courage and caring. I send all my love and gratitude to each of you for so many

                                    years in honor of the heavens.


                                        Alecs Garrett has agreed to provide astrological readings for you.


                                    Alecs is a seasoned astrologer who practiced in Eugene, Oregon for many years and currently resides in

                                    Bend, Oregon. I take your needs very seriously and have full confidence that Alecs will be a good fit

                                       for your readings on my behalf during this time. Alecs is available for readings over the phone, Skype

                                    or in person in Bend. Her email address is . Her phone number is 541-953-8435.


                                                                                                                   All Blessings,